Courtney and Matt

My partner and I first met Datia when I was 18 weeks into my pregnancy. We knew immediately that she was going to be our doula.

She was so easy to talk to, and her approach to birth aligned well with our plans. Datia was available and helpful throughout mypregnancy – I especially appreciated this toward the end when I was uncomfortable and tired. On my due date when the baby hadn’t come and I was getting impatient, Datia took me to the Y for a walk and it really lifted my spirits! When labor did start 4 days later, Datia was with me from the time I called her at 4:30 am. It was reassuring to have her there with all her experience, as this was my first baby and I wasn’t sure what to expect. As much as I had read and prepared myself for laboring, when it was actually happening I forgot almost everything I’d learned. Datia was there to remind me of different coping strategies and to help me stay calm even as labor got more intense. My favorite pain relief was a hot shower, and Datia stood next to me spraying me with water and guiding my breathing for hours, while also giving my partner space to help me and be involved in the process. I was able to have my baby without pain meds and with minimal intervention, and I absolutely would not have been able to do it without her. An added bonus was that she was able to take pictures of the birth and the first minutes after. My partner and I were too caught up in the moment to do it ourselves, and I’m grateful we have those memories recorded! I’ll definitely be recommending her to my pregnant friends!

And here's something from Matt:

As a labor support person, Datia was a wonderful help. She reminded us of many different labor positions and pain relief methods as well as helped execute these methods. She also took over when I was tired and allowed my wife to have help at all times during labor.

Without her, we might not have succeeded in following our birth plan.

Cathy and Roberto

Good evening,

At this time, when the family is together, the three of us want to thank you for your invaluable support during Regina's birth.

We remember those were exhausting hours; without your help, there would have been a very different outcome, with negative effects on our baby. I was at the end of my strength and you, applying your knowledge, helped my husband and I so that I could relax. You also encouraged me and gave me the confidence to go through labor, without the need for forceps or the use of vacuum, which could have damaged my baby's head. By the way, today she is full of health.

I also want to acknowledge your great warmth and human quality, which you demonstrated again when you came to visit me the next day. I was feeling really tired, had a headache as a result of the effort during labor, but mostly I was anguished because I was having trouble breastfeeding my Regina. And you with your unlimited patience helped me once again and I finally succeeded in nursing my baby the right way, after she had been wailing in desperation. Do you remember that moment? You even shined as a photographer of the event!

For all that and for being a marvelous person, we sincerely want to wish you from the bottom of our hearts that life showers its many blessings on you, may you succeed in everything you do.


Beautiful Datia!

A month after the birth of my little angel Romina, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help, support, comforting, dedication in this marvelous work you do as a Doula. You changed the course of my birth pains from almost unbearable to an incredible intimate trance with myself and my baby. You completely deflected my senseless fright and worries and turned them into a magical moment - giving birth to the most beloved! I could never have done it without you. I really enjoyed it very much and will remember forever the day that, together, we brought Romina into the world with so much love.

Infinite thanks.

Courtney and Brandon

After not having a doula for my first pregnancy/delivery, i decided my husband could use some extra help assisting me in my second delivery. Im so glad that we chose to have Datia there ! She is so calm, caring, and extremely knowledgable. I am eternally grateful for Datias support, especially how she helped reduce labor pains by coaching me through my contractions. She checked in on me and baby once we were home to make sure we had a smooth transition.